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Move-In Information & Inspection Report

Welcome to Total Property Management and thank you for choosing us as your home base for this upcoming year. We hope you enjoy yourselves and if we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Before moving in:

  • The lease must be signed by all parties involved and security deposit must be paid in full.
  • Any utilities that tenants are responsible for should be transferred to the tenants name.
  • Service should start on the first day of the lease agreement and run through the last day of the lease agreement.

Move-In Day:

  • Begins anytime after 12:00 (noon) and you may go directly to your residence.
  • If you will not be moving in the first day of the lease agreement please call the office to make separate arrangements.

Move-In Inspection Report:

  • Please be sure to fill out the Move-In Inspection Report and return it to our office within two weeks.
  • Do not wait to fill this out if some roommates have not moved in yet.
  • Be sure to write any and all existing damages so that you will not be charged for them when you move out.
  • The move-in inspection form will be placed in your file as a reference when you move out and we are refunding security deposits.
  • If you have any maintenance requests, please call the office and do not write in on the move in inspection report.

Rent Payment:

  • Remember that rent is due the 1st of every month and checks should be made payable to the appropriate owner/company listed on your lease agreement.
  • Learn more about rental payment here.

Assigned Parking:

  • If your building has assigned parking be sure to park in your assigned parking space.
  • If someone is parked in your space, please put an anonymous note on their vehicle first to let them know they are parking in the wrong spot and next time they will be towed at their own expense.
  • If you find someone in your space a second time, feel free to have them towed as that is your assigned parking space.
  • Towing is quite expensive so please do your best to resolve any issues in a responsible and kind manner, however we also don’t want any inconvenience caused to you, our tenants.

Thank you!
Total Property Management

Move-In Inspection Report

Please make sure your inspection form has been filled out and dropped of to the office within 2 weeks of moving in. We will not accept any late move in inspection sheets after then.

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