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Subleasing Procedure

Intent to Sublease Procedures:

Pick up a sublease form and fill out the intent to sublease area right away. We must have this done before we can move forward with the subleasing process.

1. Finding a subtenant is the tenant’s responsibility, however we are happy to help when our schedule allows. If we are able to, we will put the apartment information on our web site and will help to show the unit.

2. Once a subtenant is found you will need to schedule an appointment to come into our office with the subtenant to fill out paperwork, etc… Certain times of the year we are extremely busy so do not wait until the last minute to schedule your appointment. The subtenant must fill out a rental application (available on our web site or in office), put down a security deposit and sign lease.

3. The sublease charge of $90 is due from the current tenant at the time of lease signing.

Sublease Move Out Procedures:

Our goal at Total Property Management is to make moving out as easy and stress free as possible and to give you all the tools needed in order for you to receive full security deposit refunds. Enclosed you will find all the information you will need to move out of your apartment. It is vital that you read all of the information and follow the instructions in which we have given you.

First and foremost if you have roommates please talk/communicate with them to come up with a plan so everyone knows what is going on and agrees on the check-out time. Only one person has to be present at the check-out inspection but will need all keys and forwarding address information to turn into us. Everything needs to be moved out and the apartment cleaned top to bottom. Here are the steps to follow to set up your check out inspection and what you will need to take care of
before moving out:

1. Call the office a minimum of two weeks before hand to schedule your check-out inspection.

2. There must be a minimum of 48 business hours between the check-out and the move-in date for the subtenants. Holidays and weekends are not included in business hours.

3. Fill out our forwarding address form so we know where to mail your security deposit refunds and turn it in at the time of your check-out inspection with your keys. We prefer that all tenants’ information is on one sheet.

4. If you pay for any utilities make sure to contact those companies and have them disconnected for the date that the subtenants will be moving in, not any earlier.

5. Fill out forwarding address information for the U.S. Postal Service and give to U.S. Postal Service.

6. If you have Directv, we have included the instructions from ICS on what you will need to do with your receiver(s).

7. Flooring: Carpets will be inspected at the time of check-out. If we determine the carpets are dirty and/or have stains we will have them professionally cleaned and deduct the actual cost from your security deposit. You must vacuum all carpeted areas of the apartment, including edges. At the time of your check-out inspection you will need to turn in your forwarding address form, mailbox key, building entry door key(s), apartment key(s) and garage remote control (if applicable). You will not be able to re-clean or stay on the premises after the check-out inspection. If you are missing keys the locks will have to be changed immediately, you cannot mail them in after the check-out inspection. On the back of this page is a cleaning check list that will walk you thru everything we look at as well as some helpful hints.

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