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Move Out Instructions

All check-out inspections must be scheduled with the office by June 10th. Leases end at noon on July 30th so all inspections must be set no later than 12:00 noon on July 30th or before.

Remember all rent must be paid in full! Your security deposit does not apply to rent.

In order to receive your security deposit follow the procedures below.

Step 1: Schedule your carpet cleaning appointment (professional steam cleaning only-NO RUG DOCTORS.)

Step 2: Call the office by June 10th to set up your check-out inspection (need to allow 2 hrs after carpet cleaning appt. and prior to your check-out inspection.)

Step 3: Call your utility company(s) and cancel your service. THEY MUST REMAIN ON THRU JULY 30TH!

Step 4: Fill out a forwarding address form at the US Post Office.

Step 5: Remove everything from apartment and garage(where applicable) and clean apartment well. Read thru cleaning expectations list or download from our web site.

Step 6: Fill out the Deposit Forwarding Address form and return it to our office within two weeks of moving out.

Step 7: Turn in your carpet cleaning receipt at the time of your check-out.

It’s vital if you are living with roommates, that you all communicate and talk to each other to plan your check-out inspection. We will only do one inspection for the apartment.

At your scheduled check-out inspection, all your belongings must be moved out of the apartment and garage and all the cleaning must already be done. You will not be able to do anything after your inspection time due to the large number of inspections so make sure you are completely ready to go. You will need to turn-in and provide the following:

If all the keys are not turned in at the time of your inspection we will have to change the locks and you will be charged. This is very important, and no exceptions will be made!!

If a minimum of one person renewed in your apartment yet there are new roommates moving in, a check-out inspection must be made for anyone leaving. It is vital that the entire apartment is picked up and clean, we will do a full inspection of any bedrooms/bathrooms for those roommates moving out.

All security deposits are returned within thirty days after the lease expires as long as we receive your Deposit Refund Forwarding Address Form. A detailed explanation will be sent with the deposit refunds which will include any deductions made and the amounts. If there are no deductions and we are refunding your entire deposit there will not be any explanation sheet included.


Important Move Out Information

View Cleaning Expectations Online, or Download & Print the PDF here.

Deposit Forwarding Form Can be downloaded Here

Recommended Carpet Cleaning Companies:
Pro Clean: 515-232-9035
Advanced Cleaning: 515-292-3456
Maxcare: 641-485-2565